Product Information

Transformer core lamination for Power & Distribution transformers is manufactured from various grades of Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) steel. Lamination in various shapes & sizes are slit and cut to required accurate geometrical shapes with 90° & 45° cutting systems. The manufacturing of Cold Rolled Grain Oriented CRGO Quality Lamination involves a high degree precision engineering.
Transformer lamination can be of various sizes for single or three-phase transformers in conventional or step lap design (Vertical/Horizontal).
Step lap construction has now established as an industry standard where high efficiency transformers using stacked cores are required.
It allows manufacturers to produce stacked core transformers with the lowest possible No Load Loss (NLL), assembly time and simplifies core handling.
Step Lap: Empowers: Manufacturers: to be: Competitive.
All OTHER PRODUCTS designs can be converted to Step Lap.
At present our capacity to cut and manufacture CRGO Lamination is from 10 KVA TO 20 MVA rating. In addition to the cutting of the CRGO lamination we offer built core, assembled core options for our customers.


Power Transformers
Distribution transformers
Solar Inverter Duty Transformers
Furnace Transformers
Dry Type Transformers
Compact Sub Station (CSS)
Other Special Purpose Transformers