We Are

Premier Core Industries is a family managed company involved in manufacturing and supplying Electrical CRGO Silicon Steel Products in various forms such as CRGO Mother Coils, Toroidal core, Transformer Laminations, Transformer assembled Core, Strip Laminations in CRGO & CRNGO and Distributed Gap (DG) Cores.

The Journey of Premier Core Industries began in 1995 with a small unit located in Mumbai by our Managing Partners Alwyn Rasquinha & his wife Benedicta Rasquinha. Today nearly 3 decades on Premier Core Industries has 3 Large units setup in Mumbai and on the Industrial outskirts of Mumbai having an annual capacity of processing 1000MT of CRGO for various products required for Transformer Industry.

This has been possible because of the several factors such as skilled labour and cutting-edge production techniques used by our team over the years. Premier Core Industries has been catering the needs of the electrical sector for CRGO needs by providing high quality and efficient CRGO products with the quality control measures we have set.

We look forward to catering the transformer lamination industry for the future and broaden our production facilities and techniques for the untouched markets.

Our Mission

We strive towards achieving optimum work satisfaction for our employees which in return will help us supplying top quality CRGO products to our customers. As we believe that if our people are happy, they will be happy to provide best services to our customers.


Premier Core Industries is led by young emerging entrepreneurs under the guidance of experienced professional and individuals. Premier Core Industries strives to deliver high quality CRGO products at the competitive, in time in the transformer Industry.